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Photos from the recent BHNA Brunch & Silent Auction – (Held Sat. Nov 18 10am-1pm)


Bishop Hellmuth Neighbourhood Association Inc works to advance the interests of our heritage neighbourhood. Our activities include maintaining our heritage characteristics, interacting with city planners and property developers, as well as planning social and community events.

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Advantages of living in a Heritage District

  1. The fact that the District is regulated by Heritage Permits allows for a degree of certainty to the quality of changes made in neighbouring properties, and thus serves to protect each owner’s investment in his property.
  2. Designation often increases property values. Current research throughout Ontario indicates that properties in Heritage Conservation Districts retain their value well, and tend to be more stable than comparable areas that are not designated. In the years working on this project, there were signs of an increase in the values of the houses, a decrease in the number of properties owned by non-resident owners. Several former duplexes have been converted back to single family residences.
  3. Heritage designation facilitates the presence of downtown neighbourhoods. An HCD allows its residents the advantages of a secure environment and ready access to downtown amenities.
  4. Living in an HCD encourages a strong sense of community and neighbourhood identity.