2017-2018 BHNA Executive and Committee Structure



Peter Dillon

Chair meetings of the Executive and the Association. Attend to the day to day affairs of the Association. Liaison with City and other neighbourhood associations. Ex officio member of all committees. Strategic vision and planning. Fundraising.

Past President

Provide institutional memory to the Association. Assist with all needs of the Executive.


John Dickinson

Provide assistance and support to the President and all committees. Chairs meetings in President’s absence.


Scott Bridge

Minutes of meetings. Management and supervision of membership and membership list. Maintains records of the Association. Maintains the corporate minute book and attends to any governmental filings regarding the corporation.


Scott MacDougall-Shackleton

Maintains the Association bank account. Maintenance and administration of funds. Maintenance of books and records. Production of financial reports.


Urban League Representative

Marlyn Loft

Attend meetings of the Urban League. Liaison between the Association and the Urban League.


Maintain the website of the Association.

Newsletter Chair

Maintain the Association newsletter and other publications from time to time.


Gather input from the neighborhood regarding traffic and parking. Work with the Executive to develop any necessary traffic management and/or traffic calming measures. Necessary liaison with the City.


Act with a view to maintaining the heritage nature of the neighborhood. Plan and implement initiatives for the beautification of the neighborhood.

Canada Day

Jennifer Dillon and Seta Moore

Oversee the planning and staging of the annual Canada Day neighborhood party.


Jennifer Dillon and Seta Moore

Oversee the planning and staging of social events for the enhancement of the relationship between residents of the neighborhood.


Isabelle Harder

Plan and, with the necessary assistance, implement initiatives for enhancing the relationship of young residents of the neighborhood, and increasing involvement of youth in the neighborhood.

Rental Property Liaison

Gather data concerning the ownership of rental property in the neighborhood. Liaise with absentee landowners. Resolve issues with student and other rental properties.

Lane Captain

Coordinate the maintenance and upkeep of all laneways within the neighborhood.

Block Captains:

Maintain contact with residents of their block. Provide feedback from residents to the Executive, and assist with the dissemination of information to residents of their block.

Hellmuth S. Block
Hellmuth N. Block
Wellington S. Block
Wellington N. Block
St. James