Bishop Hellmuth Conservation Guidelines

The Bishop Hellmuth Conservation Guidelines, in association with the Heritage District Plan prepared by Nicholas Hill in 2001, provides a resource for property owners to assist in the conservation of their heritage buildings. The guidelines are broken into two chapters; one which defines the architectural style of the buildings within the district, and the second that provides building conservation resources relating to the unique elements of the buildings such as brick and stone, roof and flashings and porches.

The following draft Plan and Guidelines documents are pdf files. To view you’ll need Acrobat Reader – this software is available free of charge and can be downloaded from the Adobe Website site.

Bishop Hellmuth Heritage Conservation District Plan – City of London June 2001

Bishop Hellmuth Conservation Guidelines – Architectural Styles

Bishop Hellmuth Conservation Guidelines – Building Conservation Guidelines

Council Meeting Reports

Presentation to Built and Natural Environment Committee – 764 Waterloo Street

Bishop Hellmuth Conservation District Study

Bishop Hellmuth Conservation District Study (Dec 2012)
– Prepared for The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario